Urgent Care - Gardendale
210 Fieldstown Road, Suite 124
Gardendale, AL 35071

  • Great experience last week with my sick child!!! Thank you!
  • I received AWESOME care here two weeks ago.  Thanks so much!!!
  • Thank you for providing me with excellent care two weeks ago with my injury!  You all were KIND, COURTEOUS, and SO FRIENDLY.  Very rare in the medical field these days.
  • Wonderful staff!  Thank you for taking care of my husband today!!  We will be back for sure.  Great patient care!
  • Without question, the best experience I have ever had in a medical office!
  • Took our son last week.  We will definitely go back.  Fast, precise, friendly, helpful!!  My 12 year old son commented both there and when we left the clinic on how friendly they were and they didn’t rush us, they listened to us.
  • Thank you for your kindness and your help!